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martedì 5 novembre 2013


…Il Sogno è ora realtà!...

… Disney si è accorto di me!!!

Selezionata fra centinaia di proposte inviate da tutto il mondo, la mia teiera in ceramica Mary Poppins è ora finalista al concorso D23 Fan Art Contest, Disneyland in California!!!

!!L'annuncio Disney!!

Congratulations! Your artwork will be displayed in “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives” this August at the D23 Expo 2013!
Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this year’s D23 Fan Art Contest, and we hope to see you at the Expo!

 Walt Disney Archives



Meet Disney Fan Art Contest Finalists

For D23 Expo’s 2013 Disney Fan Art Contest, Disney fans were asked to submit two or three-dimensional art pieces inspired by Mary Poppins, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014, and is prominently featured in the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit at the 2013 D23 Expo.


     .. ecco la mia teiera!


Di seguito i nomi dei finalisti selezionati:

"Be sure to stop by Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at the D23 Expo to check  of the Mary Poppins- inspired two- and three-dimensional art finalists at D23 Expo’s 2013 Disney Fan Art Contest. Check out art by the following talented Disney fan artists:
Selene Conti
“Tales and Tea with Mary”
Roma, Italy

Audric Goo
“Over the Rooftops”
San Francisco, California
Ryan Woodall
Dallas, Texas
Gavin Otteson
“Rooftops of London”
Bethany, Oklahoma
Erik Beidelman
“50 Super…Years”
Diamond Bar, California
Roy Leyva
“I Never Explain Anything”
San Diego, California
Patrick Daley
Upland, California
Stephen Del Tour Jr.
“On the Roof Tops of London”
Bakersfield, California
Mary Katherine Johnston
“Feed the Birds”
Kansas City, Kansas
Rosemary Domagala
“Jolly Holiday”
El Cajon, California
Neil Garcia
“Mary Blair Poppins”
Bonita, California

Christopher Scharnick
“Fortuitous Circumstance”
Fresno, California
Nan Coffey
San Diego, California
“Mary Poppins, Step in Time”
Monica Yap
“Better Use it Carefully or it Can Change Your Life”
San Francisco, California
Angie Daley
“Feed the Birds”
Whitby, United Kingdom
Annie Tuttle
“Mary Go-Round”
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Andrea Culberson
Plano, Texas
“Cast off the Shackles of Yesterday”
Bobby Nelson
South Boston, Massachusetts
“Mary’s bag of Tricks”
Kyla Moffatt
“50 Years of Jolly ‘Olidays”
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Melvin Miyamoto
“Poppins with Pencil on Plain Paper”
Honolulu, Hawaii
Lisa Wee Eng Cheng
“Mary Poppins Goes 50th
Nairobi, Kenya
Aramis Richards
“Jolly Playdate”
Los Angeles, California

Mary Poppins Teapot on display at Anaheim Convention Center!

My Mary Poppins Teapot on display at Walt Disney Archives in a protective case 

   ..a true honor for me and my Teapot to be at Walt Disney Archives!!!


Il concorso basato sul film del 1964 "Mary Poppins" indetto per i suoi 50 anni dall'uscita nelle sale cinematografiche, seleziona la mia opera, Mary Poppins Teapot ..

Titolo dell'opera
"Tales and tea with Mary"
Una vera teiera in ceramica modellata e dipinta a mano a forma di Mary Poppins

La teiera in argilla in attesa di prima cottura in forno a 980 gradi..

                                 La teiera dopo le cotture e la decorazione

le fate hanno il viso e il cuore dolce... 

Disney ha scelto la mia teiera fra tante proposte inviate da tutto il mondo..

L'opera viene esposta ad Agosto 2013  presso“Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives” Disneyland , California